Travels in Sweden

Örebro – you’re in for a surprise

When I moved to Sweden I planned to see as much as possible of this beautiful country and take every single opportunity to go out and explore. Sadly, with life being super busy (is it ever not so busy?) I... Continue Reading →


Fjällnora – Ice skating in winter wonderland

How can it be that it’s already February? Of 2018? When did that happen? Pff, time flies like crazy! Is it just me or do you also feel like January is one looooong Monday? My January was packed full with... Continue Reading →

Kiruna – Two Faced City

Finally, spring actually makes its way to Sweden. The days are getting longer and on Sunday we hit the heat record here in Uppsala, 20° C making it the hottest day in March in over 200 years. Tomorrow the forecasts... Continue Reading →

Umeå- My first Swedish Love

Finally I made it back to Umea. I just love this place.

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