In my last blog post I told you all about fall in Uppsala. But just a couple of days after I posted it, winter arrived with heaps of snow. It was such a surprise to get so much snow this early in the year (early November)! And it meant I had to face some serious biking in the snow experiences all ready!

Living in Sweden, though, means you just have to live with the snow and darkness, that’s winter, no way of changing it. For me personally, there is no reason not to go out and explore during this time.  Just make sure you wear suitable clothes.

A great thing about living abroad is that you establish your own comfortable home base, which you can use all the better as a starting point for exploring your new surroundings. Maybe that’s even the best way to explore the world? Why?
If you have a lot of time in one place (for instance two years 😉 ) you don’t have to focus only on the spectacular things, but you can actually go and explore the small villages.

That’s how I ended up in Östhammar. Agreed, it’s just big enough to be mentioned in the guide books, but being a sea side town probably makes it a summer destination.

However, I had a day off, my lovely Baakwan visiting and there was a direct bus from Uppsala. Any reason not to go? I don’t think so.

The drive there takes you through typical midswedish countryside. Lots of farms, churches, small villages and … snow. That was before we had 20 cm of snow right in front of my house and I was seriously excited about these few centimetres.

In Östhammar the sky was grey, the roads were snowy, but oh so beautiful! Imagine red house completely clad in white, old barns from way back and basically no people around, made it so magical.

Anyone fancy a swim?

We took a long walk along the sea, stopping every two meters for photos.  The sea was so perfectly still, it was actually hard to believe it was not just a lake.
But a man walking his dog confirmed:  “just out of the bay and then to the left and you will end up in Finland” Well, good to know.

Östhammar; winter; sea; stillness; red cabin; grey;

The entire town felt like it was all set for hibernation. The boats stored on the shore and the beach side restaurants closed for the season.

So still!

However, there were still some cute shops open in the centre and obviously several cafes. We ended up in a lovely 50-talet café (50s café). Apart from great fikabröd it totally convinced us with its museal charm.

Once the sun set, the town got even more quite and the snow covered houses looked even cuter. So we obviously ended up taking quite a late bus back, since we just couldn’t get enough of wandering around the little lanes. Finally, our toes were freezing and we jumped on the bus back.

My try at photos in the dark… Still needs improvement