Time flies! It’s incredible how fast the past weeks went by. Now I’m here in Sweden for over two months and I still haven’t written on this blog.

Seriously? I know, I know, I know, but better late than never.

I just have the feeling that time was flying by so fast. One day I stepped out of the plane and the next one I wrote my first exam here. Wow, it’s really crazy!

On the other hand, I guess it is normal when you move to a new country that everything feels like a crazy whirlwind. The first few days were such a rush to organise so many things. Always queuing up somewhere, heading to IKEA for a million times and then getting lost ALL THE TIME! Honestly, the first two weeks I just never found my way back home!

Uppsala; Being lost; Summer; august;
Lost again! Every single day!
Summer; Sweden; lake; exploring; out with friends;
Summer in Sweden!

Then one moment you suddenly, completely randomly realize you actually, really moved here… say what?!?! For me this moment was literally between standing at IKEA and queuing up at skatteveret (Swedish tax office). And it’s probably also that moment when you ask yourself: That’s it? That’s what I’ve been dreaming about? Was this really worth it?

Oh, yes, it’s so worth it!

Uppsala; cathedral; domkyrka, Dom; Summer in Uppsala
I think this was the moment I knew I will fall in love with this city!

Uppsala makes it so easy to fall in love with this city. No matter how stressful, hard and, yes, sometimes lonely the past weeks sometimes got this city just knows how to cheer me up!
When I arrived the first days really had me doubting this whole fall in Sweden experience. It was just gray and rainy… in August. I was sooo scared of getting no sunshine until next spring.

But then September rolled in with all its beauty and brought the most amazing fall weather. It was so hot that on our first bike trip I actually wore shorts! (I’m writing this while looking at 20cm of snow outside, so yes I’m the last one to believe this!)

Uppsala; fall; blue sky; cathedral; domkyrka; höst
How beautiful is Uppsala in the fall?

I’ve actually never experienced such a beautiful and breathtaking fall. To be honest I think it really helped me with all the little dramas of setting up a new life here.
It is incredible how fast time went by and what I already experienced so far. Because while the city and the weather are one thing, building a new life is another thing! You need to adapt to a new university system, find new friends and above all settle down.

While I can really say I already met a lot of amazing people and managed quite okay with university, I still have the feeling that I haven’t settled down yet.

But the longer I stay here, the more it feels like home. Additionally, as beautiful as fall was, it turned into winter overnight. And winter in Sweden means you need to slow down, get comfy and relax. Except, when you get to explore this winter wonderland.

Östhammar; winter; sea; stillness; red cabin; grey;
And then winter came! Spoiler alert: you will see a lot more of snow until winter is over 😉 Cheeky visit to Östhammar to gaze at the sea 🙂

So with this I leave you, but I hope I’ll be back soon to tell you some more about my experience so far.