The past weeks were quite exciting for me.

It all started with the fact that I finally finished my undergraduate studies! WOHOOO! … Or something like that.

Isn’t it weird when something you were working and waiting for for years finally arrives? I don’t know how many times I’ve been imagining the wonderful feeling of finally graduating. Once it arrived, however, it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

In the end it’s just an other ending. Including all the emotions endings normally evoke – good and bad. So I found myself constantly switching between feeling super excited and extremely anxious. Puh that was quite a rollercoaster!

You see, I was never really good with changes. Actually, to be honest, not so long ago I really hated changes. I desperately wanted to hold on to the things I knew and felt comfortable around. Unfortunately, we all know that this just won’t work out in life. Eventually through travelling and my semester abroad I learned quite something about changes. So much that I finally started to get a taste for changes.

Firstly, as I said, we don’t really have a choice. Life is never static, everything changes all the time. So we better learn to embrace it rather than fight it. At least we can try, that already makes everything a lot easier.

Additionally, changes are the start of something new. Or how our grandmothers would say: “If one door closes, another one opens”. Sometimes it really feels great to get rid of some of the things we lug through our lives and start afresh. For instance, I loved how I was able to build up a whole new life for myself during my Erasmus semester.

However, as the last weeks showed me, at times I still struggle a lot with changes. It even took me several weeks to realize why. But finally I found the problem: I ended one thing, yet, I haven’t started something new!!!
The problem was that I was still waiting for the major decision on where I will do my master’s degree. So while I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting, I felt more stuck than ever in my life. I even tried to force myself to start some small projects, but the success never showed. I guess I am just too lazy.

Buuuut, finally I received the news about my admission at a university in Sweden. I am soooo excited!

sweden, bullerbü, sevedstorp,
I am going back to Sweden!!!

And guess what? The moment I finally had the next new beginning planned out (even if I still have to wait a couple of months for it) my motivation returned. I don’t feel stuck anymore; on the contrary I now suddenly enjoy all the small things: the city, spring and of course especially the time with my friends and family.

I really can’t tell you how relieved I am to finally have found my motivation again. Ultimately, the past weeks taught me one thing: Endings are just simply changes and if you are patient enough you will soon find the next opportunity for a fresh new beginning.