So this is it: my first blog entry… ever!

I am so excited! I kind of feel I should tell you why I start this blog and what I will write about. But honestly? I don’t know yet!

I am passionate about travelling so I hope I will fill this special space with many fun stories about my adventures abroad or at home. I also want to use this blog to make myself look at my surroundings a little bit more open minded and try to see the beauty in the small things. That’s something that I don’t struggle at all when I am travelling, but I often forget it in my everyday trot.


Ultimately, this blog is an experiment. A writing experiment of some sorts. Over the past years I found so much joy in writing my diaries that I wondered if I should not try to write a little bit more. So when this year started, I decided it’s time to stop wondering and just try out new things. No matter what! Because isn’t it better to just start and see what happens than to sit around and contemplate and wonder and consider everything that could work out or go wrong?

So here I am, starting this blog experiment! Let’s see where the journey will take me!

I hope you will join me!